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Monday, July 2, 2012

Moody Monday - General Updates

We escaped up to the mountains again this weekend and spent some time at a family campground swimming and exploring the playground which was from a different era. We finished the evening with ice cream cones by the river, watching the people in their tubes float lazily along.

My house is no longer "on the market" because the contract expired with my realtor.  I know that I need to get this issue resolved, but I'm unmotivated.  I think I'll stick a For Sale By Owner sign in the yard and call it good -

Accepting that we'll probably be here for a while, I need to continue to make the space work for us and so there has been some rearranging done at our Little House.  I've purged a few things we no longer use and I'm in desperate need of letting more go.  I plan to paint my bedroom and really deep clean some areas.  My father helped fix my garbage disposal while in town and that means for the moment, all elements of my kitchen are fully funtioning for the first time in years!

The year is half over, and we only have about a month left of summer.  July is a time when the children spend extra time with their daddy and that leaves me feeling a bit disconnected.  So, I want to make the best of our time together.  They are at such fun ages and it's much easier to go out and about than in previous seasons.  I need to finalize plans for fall childcare and activities.  Time is just a-ticking-away!

What's new in your world?

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