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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Peaceful Mornings

Sometimes life with three little ones gets crazy.  Lately things are improving after a rather challenging few weeks.  I'm learning it's pretty normal to have swings of ups and downs.  However, one area in which we are fairly consistent is avoiding the morning crazy!  Beginning our day peacefully is important to my sanity and I believe it sets the tone for their days, also.

What works for us is nothing new - it's sticking to some basic routines and procedures.  Here is our routine - for anytime we have to get up and out, whether to school, church or another activity:

1) Mom gets up first!  This is crucial, even if it only an extra five minutes.  This time to brush my teeth, gather my wits and begin the day is vita.

2) Wake everyone else.  My baby boy (he's four) usually hears me and it quickly up.  Firstborn quickly follows, but I have to wake and rouse my middle daughter.  She's the only one who will sleep till nine if allowed.  Everyone meets in the living room where they get to watch their "shows" (PBS). 

3) Clothing is chosen the night before, so the children get themselves dressed as they watch their shows.  Breakfast is served in the living room.  We rotate through ceral, toast, bacon, biscuits, etc.  Pancakes or scrambled eggs happen when Mommy wakes up and gets completely ready early.  Within a half hour, everyone is dressed and fed.

4) Twenty minutes to go!  This means they take turns brushing their teeth, while I help with hair and check over the outfits.  Beds get made and the dishes or toys put away.

5) At five minutes, we start turning off lights, get lunches into backpacks and head out to the van. 

The children are great about knowing the routine.  We keep our backpacks and jackets on a hook by the garage door.  Bible are on a nearby shelf for church days.  I employ occassional prodding or reminding, and help the little guy quite a bit.  But I'm thankful that our mornings are fairly predictable and calm.  I do so much better to start the day this way.

Little things make it easier: choosing clothes the night before, packing lunches in advance.  Are your mornings crazy or calm?  Do you do have any hints or tricks to make things run more smoothly!   I confess that I love the days my neighbor has carpool ... it gives me a few extra minutes to tidy myself and home. 


  1. I don't know how you do it. I usually need coffee and an hour before I'm ready to even think about facing my day. Of course I still only have a toddler at home so I have the freedom to be a little bit lazier, but I think I'm going to take a page from your book and start doing little things like planning outfits the night before just to make busy mornings just a little bit easier. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. I need morning caffeine, too! I just don't usually get it until I'm at work: Coke or coffee, must have one or the other.

      Having three children to get up and out of the house forced me to be more intentional and organized...I could wing it with one, but with three, I have to plan.

  2. This looks a lot like our routine! Thankfully, with the girls older now, I don't have to help them as much physically, but I do give them countdowns before we have to leave; 20 min., 15 min., and so forth. I think those countdowns help me, too!

  3. Those countdowns help us stay on track. At these ages, I'm thrilled they can dress themselves and brush their own teeth - Yay!

  4. Sounds like the routine we have in our house, too. My two children are pretty autonomous now at 9 and 11 years old and can make their own breakfasts if Mommy is too busy. My third 'Baby'(guess who) is still difficult to wake up and needs time to fully awaken!!!!

    1. I'm beginning to teach breakfast independence. Toast, cereal, etc. ... but too often I think they would just skip it! And I'm not ready for that yet.

      My girlie is not a morning person and needs some time and space to just "be" at the start of our days.

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