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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's Tuesday now, but I wanted to remember yesterday - the Monday after twenty first graders were killed in their classrooms in Newtown, CT.  I have a first grader.  She is exhuberant, joyful, sassy, kind and social.  She likes to tell her brothers how things are to be done and she is excited about anything crafty. 

I'm quite certain that many of were extra prayerful and thankful as we dropped our children at elementary schools today. My heart hurts for those parents that have forever changed morning routines. 

First grade is still such the epitome of childhood innocence.  First graders can be ornery, but most don't really know evil yet.  They aren't aware of how broken our world.  My heart hurts for all the children who saw and heard things that I won't have to deal with, they are forever changed from the carefree children who were dropped off for school Friday morning. 

My first grader doesn't know much about the evil in this world, mostly because I've sheltered her from it in every way that I possibly can.  But I know that this control is just an illusion and that in time she will be exposed to pain, meanness, deceit and plain evil.  It is because of this evil that we need God.  Because of the pain we need a Savior.  Because on our own, we deteriorate to selfishness and twisted thinking and Christmas is for this - God entering our broken world to deliver the light that heals.

I pray for all the families affected and in some way that is all of us.  But my heart especially prays for the mamas this week.  Mothers of the young and the older, all of whom love their children a bit more each day.  And I'm squeezing all of mine a little tighter, making sure they never doubt how fierce is my love for each one of them.

I know you're doing the same.  Are you talking about the tragedy with your children?  Can you help but imagine if you were in their shoes?

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