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Monday, December 10, 2012

Moody Monday

After a beautiful weekend with crazy, unseasonably warm temperatures, a cold-front is rolling in bringing damp, freezing air.  My weekend was full and I'm well on my way to finishing Santa's list.  It's been fun to hear what the children request this year...cable commercials have expanded their options!
I had one of those difficult single mom moments when their Daddy and his date picked up my three children and they went on an activity we used to do as a family.  It's always hard to feel 'left out' when things like that happen.  I am grateful that the children had a fun evening.
When they came back home, we donned the Christmas Spirit enjoyed festivities of our own: lights, Santa, a pageant, lunch dowtown, it was a big weekend!
This will be our "busy" Christmas week with activities that include a field trip, Christmas parties, guests at our home, traditional baking and more!  We'll enjoy every minute.

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  1. I'm a single mum too and I dread the day when my little girl leaves me behind to go and have Christmas fun with her dad. Luckily for me our arrangement at the moment means I have to supervise all his visits, so for now I don't miss a moment of her Christmas, but the day could come where I have to take a step back and let her do this on her own.