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Monday, March 11, 2013

Moody Monday

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This Monday after time change is always challenging.  Last night, it felt early so I didn't go to bed till after 11 pm ... and then the alarm at 5:40 am felt terribly early!  But she survived and everyone made it home.  Mr. Wonderful and I had some extra time alone this weekend.  My mother is in town and acted as babysitter while we went on a date!  It felt special and while our conversation was heavy at times, it was deep and necessary and good.

Here are my weekend highlights:
  • We had the first day of 2013 that we could go outside without jackets.
  • My parents arrived for an extended visit.
  • Date night with Mrs. Wonderful: sharing fears and discussing the future, close bonding time.
  • Church and showing my parents where we worhsip.
  • Early morning snuggles with my firstborn.
  • Shopping for a wedding dress with my mother!
I'll spare you the lowlights ... we had our share of that, too.  But it's the start of a new week.  Lot's of to do's and not enough energy.  That's just how I'm feeling today. 

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