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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

White Lace & Promises

While my mother was recently in town for a visit, I took the opportunity to have her opinion while
source: Joanne Fleming
trying on wedding dresses.  The truth is, I'm intimidated by bridal stores.  I feel too old to being trying on a princess gown.  Too broke for anything couture.  Perhaps as a second-time-bride, I feel like I shouldn't get to wear white again or celebrate love that is supposed to last forever.  So with my mother in tow for moral support, we hit several shops. 

What I thought I would like, felt silly when I tried it on.  After several where I felt like I was wearing a costume, I opened my mind to new options.  Then, I actually started having fun!

I can tell that I have been budget-minded for many years because when I think of spending money on a wedding dress, I keep thinking, "I could buy a really cool computer for that amount."  or "That would pay for childcare for xx number of weeks." 

So, the wedding planning is in full swing - as it should be for a special day less than four months from now (yikes!).  Yet I'm trying to keep a larger perspective.  The dress, the flowers, the food will all disappear.  The marriage and memories will last forever and that is where I want my focus to be. 

I'd love a grand production as much as the next bride, but I know the grand gift is in the day to day not the one-day event.