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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

White Lace & Promises

While my mother was recently in town for a visit, I took the opportunity to have her opinion while
source: Joanne Fleming
trying on wedding dresses.  The truth is, I'm intimidated by bridal stores.  I feel too old to being trying on a princess gown.  Too broke for anything couture.  Perhaps as a second-time-bride, I feel like I shouldn't get to wear white again or celebrate love that is supposed to last forever.  So with my mother in tow for moral support, we hit several shops. 

What I thought I would like, felt silly when I tried it on.  After several where I felt like I was wearing a costume, I opened my mind to new options.  Then, I actually started having fun!

I can tell that I have been budget-minded for many years because when I think of spending money on a wedding dress, I keep thinking, "I could buy a really cool computer for that amount."  or "That would pay for childcare for xx number of weeks." 

So, the wedding planning is in full swing - as it should be for a special day less than four months from now (yikes!).  Yet I'm trying to keep a larger perspective.  The dress, the flowers, the food will all disappear.  The marriage and memories will last forever and that is where I want my focus to be. 

I'd love a grand production as much as the next bride, but I know the grand gift is in the day to day not the one-day event. 


  1. I love reading your Blog and feel like I am following your path a few years behind you. Reading you find love again and coping with your kids gives me hope that my own future as a single Mum might be more than I thought!
    Thank you for that x

    1. Thank you for reading - we always have hope, no matter what our story turns out to be.

  2. When the Superhero and I were planning our wedding, I felt many of those same feelings. My mama, sisters and I went shopping at the mall and I found exactly what I wanted for under $100.00 .......I was so happy with the choice! We did have a small church wedding because being married in the church was important to us (even though the courthouse was starting to look good as the planning went on) neither one of us wanted to be the center of attention.

    Whatever you find, you will be radiant and beautiful! After all, you will be a bride!