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Friday, March 8, 2013

Oh I'm Ready for Spring!

I've been quiet on the blog because after such big and exciting news on my last post, I just don't have too much that can top it!  We've enjoyed receiving so many congratulations from friends far and near...even a couple that just heard the news this week.  I'm grateful for so many who are happy for us.

The past three (yes, three!) weeks have turned the dreamy into the practical as we work out budget, plan for merging our families into one living space, discuss style of wedding, guests, etc.  It's been a very practical season of working together.  It means alot to me that Mr. Wonderful continues to move the process forward and stay involved.  He's so cute, asking "What needs to happen next?"  So we are taking the necessary steps and moving forward on all fronts.

At home I have been talking a lot about when we will live with our 'almost family.'  That's what my daughter calls them...she keeps talking like SHE is the one getting married!  They have had some interesting concerns and thoughts, which I'm hoping to share.

But mostly life continues along with the routines and requirements of usual: school.  homework.  bills.  job.  laundry.  always laundry.  Recently, I have been reminding myself that I will miss some things about this time.  Even in this season of life which I would never choose - there have been treasures.

My parents are coming to town for an extended visit.  I look forward to the extra set of hands to get on top of spring cleaning, more purging/organizing and companionship.  I've missed writing and hearing from readers.  Has spring arrived in your part?  Do you see any hints of it around the corner?

If you can't read the picture, My first grade daughter wrote about her family back in December. She listed Mr. Wonderful as her stepdad and his daughters as her sisters.  Her Daddy's significant other's children are included with her siblings.  I'm thankful that she can integrate these close people into her family.  You can also see the way she has drawn home: Ours, a house, and her Daddy's, a condo in multi-level units.  So interesting what you can learn about her thoughts form her drawing!


  1. Hi Missy,

    I am so happy for you and your children! You are listening to the subtleties of Faith's emotions, and that is the best service you can do for your children. How refreshing and pure! It sounds like they are happy already, and I hope the blending of the two families goes smoothly.

    The coming spring days will put some more lightness in your step, and you have so much to look forward to. I live in Ontario, Canada, and today I notice the scent of spring in the air and even a few brave doves sitting on the fence!

    Congratulations and best wishes again!

    1. Tara,

      I'm so glad you posted and said hello - I can imagine Canada even colder than here...but spring will come!

      Yes, I'm doing my best to read between the lines with my children. Thank you for the encouragement!