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Monday, April 22, 2013

Moody Monday

It's been an extremely busy season.  So I treasured this unusually slow weekend even more.  I was able to sleep, go to a movie, read, dine without rushing, exercise and worship with my favorite people.  One of the best moments was a nap with my firstborn.

The worst moment was when I learned my grandfather passed away.  But even this was peaceful.  He was in his nineties and sleeping as he moved from this life to the next.  I imagine he wouldn't choose to come back.

I'm loving the wonderful spring weather - cool mornings and warm afternoons.  I miss gardening this year, but do have some flowers planted in pots.  Mr. Wonderful and I discuss how we'll spruce up his patio next year - there isn't much of a yard, but there are several places just perfect for flower beds.

I love Mr. Wonderful with everything in me.  I never believed in soul mates or finding, "the one."  I wonder if I was wrong?  We were meant to be together, truly.

I have a wedding dress, caterer, photographer.  My dearest friends have plane tickets.  The wedding is less than three months away.  I already feel married in my heart.

My heart is full, busy and content this morning.  I would much rather be hiking than working, but I'm grateful for this life.  What would you rather be doing than what you must?

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