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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm Not Sure How It Happened...

Photo Source: BUSINESS OBJECTS © Anatoliy Babiychuk
I love to write.  I crave outdoor activities like gardening and hiking.  I love acting and reading.  In college, I studied communications.  But in real life I've become a numbers nerd.  My work is in bookkeeping and I daily spend time in a spreadsheet.  My life as a single mother has forced me to be practical and precise in my finances.  I hear and read a lot about what others are saying and so I thought I would add my voice to the noise.  I doubt you will hear anything new, but I promise what you hear will be from real-life experience!

So, let me know if you've mastered the master plan of budgeting.  Do you have any questions?  Are there any topics that you would like to hear how we've managed?  Let's share together! 

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