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Monday, February 3, 2014

While At Home & Online

I was at home for an unusually amount of time this week because of a sick child followed by three and half snow days!  I just loved being there with my people.  I was able to appreciate the safety net that my husband provides when compared to our snow days in times past.  When I don't work, I don't earn income, but these days I'm not on my own and that peace of mind is so invaluable.

It was fun to make snow cream, tromp through our woods, gather icicles and snuggle in front of movies.  Oh, and we made LOTS of hot chocolate - depleted our supply - along with soup.  It was a really snuggly week and I felt very connected to my tribe.  I would have enjoyed being a housewife/stay at home mother and this week confirmed it.  I'm thankful for that week and that my laundry is all caught up (for today anyhow!). 

I had some extra time to read, browse, shop and relax.  Here are some things that I enjoyed -

This is a brutally tragic story, but so very worth the read: The Book Thief

I fell in love with the idea of these Literary Couples.  Seriously, someone write fan fiction, please.

Boys are so different than girls and I just learned how they can act like Roosters.

This school Ditched the Rules and had better behaved children!

When I became I single mother, I learned that I could someone be 'enough' for all that my children would need.  This fellow single mom articulates it so well in Raising Kings.

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