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Monday, February 10, 2014

How He Loves and a Gifted Giveaway!

Nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love of God. Romans  8:39

*Be sure to comment to share some love with anyone you know that may need a reminder!

Since I have three elementary school-aged children, we are busy this week filling out Valentine cards.  We think it's important to share Christ at every opportunity and so my children will each hand out card with the "Valentine" message that no one is separated from the love of God.  No one. Nothing can except our own rejection and even that He is able to overcome.

I assume that most who read here are women and as a woman I know the deep, intrinsic and very real need to be loved.  To be cared for and considered precious.  Life doesn't always deliver and sometimes when we think we've achieved the kind of love for which we long, it turns out to be something entirely different and disappointing. 

God loves you.  He seeks you and is for you.  In life there will be seasons where His love is the only thing you may count on and that's okay.  Let it be enough. 

God whispers to me and to you everyday.  It's only when I get bogged down by the mundane, the disappointment or the crisis of the moment that I miss His presence.  Today, receive His love.
  • Your children love you as if you are God. To a child, mom is the whole world.
  • No matter the weather, it speaks of His greatness and control - do you see it?
  • Gather strength from the warmth of your home or workplace and know He provides.
  • Take even just one moment to read His words.  I find Romans 8 to be a glorious reminder not only of His love but the power it has for me.
  • Demonstrate His love to someone else.  Nothing will remind you so well as letting His love flow through you to another.
He loves you.  I would guess there are others who love you, too, but don't forget how mightily you are loved by the One who knows you best.  Are you celebrating love this week? 

Do you know someone who needs a special reminder?  I would love to send the Valentine CD I received to someone that you use a pick-me-up.  Share in the comments who you think needs a little love in their life and I'll choose randomly tomorrow night then ship it out to arrive by Valentine's Day.  I can't wait to hear from you!

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