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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jumping In!


I've found it challenging to write, to feel I have much to say that isn't already being said well elsewhere.  So I'm just jumping in to say hello.


I turned forty years old last week.  We had a snow day and I sled with I'm covered in bruises.  We had such a fun day spending time together as a family.  I'm thankful for the slower pace of last week, although sometimes I stressed about what I was NOT getting accomplished.  I'm really, really happy with my life at forty years old.  That's a blessing.

Still, being forty reminds me of how time passes.  Time for myself, my children, to grow with the Lord and connect with my spouse - to travel!  I long to have more time for all these things and yet the daily demands just keep demanding. 

My birthday tends to mark the beginning of my real New Year.  In looking at my goals, I see that I'm really good at financial goals, but not so much at health goals.  I need to value my health more, especially in the next season on my life.  I do well with goals, but it's easy for me to ignore them if I don't keep them before me and make them a priority.

So, forty:  Feels good.  Feels a permanent.  Feels secure.  Feels urgent.  I guess that's where I for today. 

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