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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's the People that Matter

I will never claim to do this step mothering in a perfect way, but I am thankful for the relationships that are growing in our home.  Lately, I've been looking for connection points and being mindful to invest in the hearts of each person in our home.  Once, I poured myself into a group of young women who I now get to follow via social media and still see the rewards of that effort.  Now I get to do in my own home - I want to be faithful in the task.

Some days, I get too wrapped up in the dishes or the holey armchair or the torn quilt.  I let these things distract me from the people, the souls that need care.  Often I am more concerned with the menu and grocery list than the hearts around the table that need to be nourished.  It's always been easy for me to become more task-oriented than people-oriented.

Recently I was looking forward to a day off work when the little children would be visiting their dad. I had planned some errands, some shopping and scheduled a massage - a complete indulgence for me!  Then my stepdaughter asked me to take her shopping, to help her find some things she needed for an upcoming event.  I was thrilled to be included in these preparations.  Yes, I was giving up some much-needed personal time, but it was worth it to continue building the bridges of a relationship that I hope will last a lifetime.  We enjoyed girly shopping and Thai food and I still made it to that massage appointment.

I'm so glad I chose to invest in the relationship instead of my to-do list.  Yes, there are things left undone, but the greater work was accomplished and the days for that are too few.  My default mode is to work on the tasks, but I want to be the one who invests in the people.  This time, I got it right!  I would love to hear about what you did right lately.

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