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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Update and Call to Action

I chose to give up all retail shopping for the month of March and in doing so learned a few things:

  • I spend more time online shopping than I thought...and I like to fill the virtual carts and baskets!  This can create discontentment and I don't need to look for things that I never knew I needed.
  • Denying myself isn't that difficult.  Not making purchases for my children is challenging.  But I told them my plan was to not buy anything extra for this month, and they learned the answer would be no.
  • I wasn't sure if it was cheating to use 'reward' dollars that cost me nothing, but now I feel like it was.  It still fueled the habit of wanting, searching and receiving something.
  • I wasn't sure if it was cheating to allow my husband to buy me things, but now I feel like it was not!  The act of being spoiled was sweet and fun and totally his idea, uncoerced by myself.  How could that be a negative?  I'm thankful for a husband who notices what I enjoy and takes good care of me.
  • Buying a spring bouquet is just as invigorating as a spring blouse.
  • March is little too early to get a garden going because we are still having freezing nights!  
  • Waiting to make a purchase helped me realize that most purchases weren't actual needs.  I was able to be more discerning than just pulling the trigger for things I wanted.  I got more comfortable with feeling empty or living with want.
It's an older photo, but
I was having trouble
with a new one today
It was also my goal to get rid of something every single day this month and I loved it! I posted most of my purging on Instagram and while I didn't actually photograph every day or every item, I let go of way more than 31 things.  My children and my husband even got in on the act and I made a trip to Goodwill or the Habitat Home Donation each week.  I've got another box filling up now and will constantly keep a box handy for things we're ready to pass to someone else.  I sold some things, also, and added some cash to my "New Sofa Fund."

Now, I notice that I'm still getting readers each day, but people are just not commenting on blogs these days.  So, if we're not already friends on Facebook, please find me there.  I'm loving Instagram and would welcome any followers.  Pinterest is more fun than ever with friends. So don't be a stranger and connect so we can share.  As always, I welcome your thoughts and support here.  Have a fabulous week!

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