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Monday, May 11, 2015

Moody Monday - Quick Update & Continuous Purging

 I had a delightful weekend, albeit a busy one.  I had lunch with the almost-middle-schooler and a hoard of his friends to celebrate his birthday.  Saturday was busy with the normal errands of life, grocery shopping, household chores and some gardening fun.  Birthday Boy had a laser tag party and we ended the night with friends, chatting way later than expected.

Mother's Day was delightful.  My stepdaughters surprised me with flowers and my favorite cupcake.  Our older girl works at a fabulous cupcake shop, so I've sampled many!  We were all able to attend church together and it was a sweet service.  I even helped the younger mamas by holding lots of babies in the nursery.  Mr. Wonderful made sure I was well-cared for with lunch and gift cards (Starbucks, Lowe's, hello, garden center!) and I was able to spend the day in the mountains with my children - always a special place for us.  Even the children's father honored the day by preparing them with a hydrangea to give me on this special day.

Last year, I decided to rid myself (my closet, my drawers, my kitchen, my garage, etc.) of at least one thing each day in the month of April.  It was so refreshing that I decided to do it again this year and I feel like even more was cleared away.  I tried to keep track, but I know I've missed things.  Daily I gathered items we didn't use and stored them either in my trunk or in boxes in the toy room.  Each weekend, I would take the boxes for donation or trash.  A few items I sold and added to my "Living Room Makeover" envelope stash.

My step daughters each sorted their drawers and donated.  My children were bribed into getting rid of a precious few items.  My husband said he would, but had a busy month.  All in all, we really cleared out unused stuff.  This week, I'll take my last load to the donation center.

I try to keep a loose hand on my material possessions and love order more than clutter.  This exercise helps us all focus on valuing what we have instead of just hoarding.  Do you systematically purge?  Is it easy to let go of old items?  Do you donate?  Sell?  Trash?  What is your strategy?

Here is some of what we eliminated:

3 Night Gowns
3 Girls Dresses
2 Hoodies
Ceramic Heart Box
Complete Boy Wardrobe, Size 6
Boy's Coat
Set of Gymboree Size 6 Summer (ebay)
Pottery Barn Kitchen Set & Play Food (Craigslist)
Keurig (Trashed and replaced with a Craigslist purchase)
Fondue stand
Snow Boots
Stacks of Womens Clothing, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts
Trash Bag of Tween Clothing
Men's Sweaters
Girls Summer Play Clothes
Boys Winter Play Clothes
Knick Nack Souvenirs
Shoes & Shoe Boxes
Bathrobe - old & worn, trashed
Jewelry - multiple sets of earrings, bracelets, 1 neckace
Socks - mismatched onsies
Undies - trashed some that are done.
Girls Bike - 16 inch
Mens T-shirts
Velour Track Suit
more books
More Size 6 boys clothing
8 pair of earrings
Women's Coat
Men's Jacket
Random Spatulas & Spoons
Baking Sheets
Children's Melame Divided Plates
Plastic Sports Cups
Old Party Supplies
Old Paint Cans
2 Throw Rugs
Place Mats, Table Runner, Tablecloths
Craft Supplies, boxes, glitter, stickers
Race Cars and Tracks - lot of them!
2 Skillets
Random plates &  utensils
Stuffed Animals

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