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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something Sweet

Recently, my daughter had a birthday party and we overloaded with candy.  OVER-LOAD.  So, to avoid snacking on all those bits and pieces of sweetness, I packaged up the extras and sent them to cousins, to our babysitter's daughter, to our neighbor lady.  Then I created a candy tray and placed it in the conference room at work.  Everyone has been so pleased by the unexpected fun of candy for no reason!   And in the process, I'm having fun sharing.   Isn't that how it goes?

Often, I think I have nothing to give.  Somedays I feel only depleted, empty, drained.  But finding what I do have, sharing - even leftovers - blesses others and ME!

I'd love to hear your ideas of what to share.  Here are a few others we've done:
  • Hand-me-downs: I'm thankful to give and receive the clothes that help our wardrobe.
  • Not-so-loved Toys: you know, the ones that are rejected, abandoned, still great.
  • Party Supplies: Once you've had one Hello Kitty party, you know you're not having another one. 
  • Seeds from the Garden: Harvest those zinnia and marigold flowers for the seeds next year and share!
What else?

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