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Monday, January 31, 2011

What Gives?

It's important to find some kind of joy in every single day.  The aroma and warmth of your morning coffee?  Your perfect lunch sandwich (and a few uninterrumpted moments to enjoy it)?  The silence on the drive home?  The hero-adoration when you arrive to collect your children?  No matter how stressful or unfulfilling many moments of the day become, there has to be something to value in each day.  When I try, I usually find lots of little moments that strung together create a life of meaning.

Often for me, it is at the close of the day.  After my liitle ones are in bed, I go into a mad dash of packing lunches, folding laundry, running the vacuum, loading the dishwasher...whatever I've put off all day.  Then, shortly before I wind myself down, I sneak back into the children's rooms and stroke their sleeping little heads or backs, I often say prayer over them or give little kisses.  It puts the whole day into perspective to see their innocently slumbering selves.  My goodness, all that I do each day is mostly for their sakes, for their provisions, their comfort, their security.  To see them basking in it is great reward and gives such joy!

If there are any mothers out there reading, what gives you joy each day?  How do you keep it all in perspective when you're stretched beyond what you're able?