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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I seriously love the feeling of Friday ... my workweek is ending.  I get to cuddle, snuggle and touch base with my children after school and they are carefree with the possibility of the weekend ahead.  Then I get to send them to their Daddy's and I get a night for me - don't judge.  I'm much better for the me-time that I get!  Dare I say it is a perk of single motherhood?  We need to find them where we can, my friends.

We have just finished our second full week of school and while we're all a bit worn out, I'm so thankful that it's been a good start.  May the rest of our year be as calm and smooth.  This week we added soccer to our list of activities.  Next week is the first of Awanas.  The week after that my baby starts preschool and we should be up to speed for our fall schedule - whew!

Is anyone else adjusting to a new routine?  Share what you're looking forward to most this weekend!

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