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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bye, Bye Summertime!

School started almost a month ago, but summer 'officially' ends with the arrival of Labor Day.  We've had a fantastic summer - really great.  I especially loved our laid-back schedule and simple days.  Here are my best memories:
1 - Hilton Head Beach Trip
If I wasn't in love before, I certainly was after spending a week with Mr. Wonderful!
2- College Girl Friend Getaway
Nothing compares to the friendship we share!
3 - July 4 Freedom Festival
 I loved getting to do fun things with our favorite people!
 4 - Smoky Mountain Swimming, Hiking, Picnics & Wildlife

Visits With My Parents
My family are the best and most supportive, I am SO glad to have them and SO sad they live far away! 
I look for the best in each season, but I simply adore fall: the colors, the clothing, the activities, the mountains - everything.  I'm working on goals and praying about what is out of my control as I plan to once again list the house.  My sister is coming to visit, our schedule is exceptionally full and life is good.  I'm so grateful for our relaxed summer as our fall routine is unusually full!

If the weather permits, we're going to the zoo this weekend.  What are your weekend plans?  How was your summer?  What's new this fall?