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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little House By the Numbers

Here is just a slice of daily life as a single mom.  Our life and schedule are about to change with the arrival of the school year and soccer season.

Loads of laundry per day: 1-2

Loads of dishes per day: 1

Times per day I check my email: 5+

Times I look at Facebook: 3+

Times I schedule to workout during the week: 7

How often I get to workout: usually 6

Kitchen floor swept per week: 3 times

Floors vacuumed: 3 times

Furniture dusted: every other week

Bathrooms cleaned:  Once for full cleaning, wiped down at least every other day (boys)

Sheets washed: Four sets, every other week

Cups of coffee per day: 1

Sonic Cokes per Week: 4

Days I wash my hair per week: 3

Gallons of milk we go through in a week: 3

Times I went to Kroger this week: 2

Hours spent on video games: WAY too many!

Number of times a child has been disciplined or in Time Out: at least 14

Number of times I've needed a time out: No less than six

Number of days till school starts: 5

Number of times we ate dinner at home last week: 3 (we were out of town)
Does the arrival of school change your life?

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  1. Only one cup of coffee?!? It takes one cup to wake me up, one travel mug to get me to work, 2 to get me through the morning, 2 to get me through the afternoon, and then 1 cup of decaf after dinner to get me through the evening!