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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Remember That Time My Ex Walked In on Me Naked?

Okay, so that's not exactly how it happened - but did I get your attention?  It came this close to being true.  You see, as co-parents we both try to be present for the 'big' moments in our children's lives.  This week was our first day of school and so I had made plans to meet their father at the school.  We were to meet about 20 minutes prior to the bell in order to take a few photos and such.  We had the expected craziness as we adjusted to having a wake-up time after summer vacation.  So, once the children were all dressed and ready, I still needed to get myself together.  I was in my bathroom blow drying my hair in my normal fashion - sans clothing (those blow dryers are hot!).  When I turned it off, I was alarmed to hear my former spouse chatting with the children! 

I may have squealed a little bit, then grabbed my robe and closed my bedroom door.  I'm not sure how long he had been there, and I'm fairly certain he didn't venture into my room or have access to any views of me in the bathroom.  Nevertheless, it was a bit unnerving!  What happened to meeting at the school?  I'll probably never know. 

When I decided to coparent for the sake of my children, I decided to give up some of my own right to always have the answers.  I could make a big deal of all the questions and things I don't understand, or just let it go and assume that it really doesn't matter.  This is hard for me and Monday morning was just one more example of the times I just have to choose to release.

On a side note, we've had a great first week of school so far!  Do you have to intentionally let things go?  Want to share?  Please comment - I'd love to hear from you!