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Monday, January 28, 2013

Moody Monday

I had a busy weekend getting ready and then hosting a party for my birthday girl.  She chose an "artist" theme and we had lots of colorful fun.

I love being Mommy.  I had fun with my friends (the other moms), too. 

Because of the busy weekend, I'm looking forward to a slow-ish week.  School and work schedules make every week busy, but we have no extras and nice weather is in the forcast.  Yay!

The weekend wore me out and I was so tired when it was time to wake up this morning.  But I'm hopeful for a restful and predictable week.  What about you, do you use your weekends to revive or do they wear you out?  I would love to know!  Have a great Monday ~

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  1. My weekends are a mix of relaxation and getting everything done that can't be done during the week due to work and after school schedules. It seems there is never enough time to do everything I want to do on the weekend but I manage to usually fit in some time with friends and usually get to sleep in a few hours later then during the week so it is a nice and welcome break. If only the house cleaning and grocery shopping would do themselves!