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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Are These Gams Worth It? You bet!

Okay, summer is here and my legs have been out in the open for a while now.  Typically, I keep them covered because of excema and the whole thing about needing to shave every single day.  I like to shave at night because - well, I like the smooth in the sheets.  But in summertime, I guess I prefer to shave in the morning so that my legs are stubble free (for the first part of the day at least).  Sigh, it is quite the female conundrum.

Photo courtesy of Gillette
And then I am floored by the price of razors today.  Seriously, I was able to stretch a pink Daisy razor for a couple of weeks and now the extreme, five-blade, lotion-infused refills seem to last a whole week!  What is the deal with this new technology?

Yes, there was the token slice to my Achilles or random miss hairs around my knees, but it was dependable.

So, I'm going to try my hand a new razor: the Schick Hydro Silk.  My legs are long and muscular, so it's worth it to play them up as one of my better assets.  I'll let you know how it works over the next couple of week. 

Does anyone have any razor recommendations?  Do you shave daily, weekly, avoid it all together?  Do you find these decisions more complicated (and expensive) than they used to be?

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This is a sponsored post for Schick.  I will be compensated for discussing razor issues here and on Facebook, but all the opinions are my very own.


  1. Razors don't last long with me! I shave my legs every day summer and winter...habit. Razors are outrageously expensive but what are we poor girls going to do???

  2. Every day in summer,, when I feel like it. However, I just wanted to comment, starting in July, you will have to make sure you keep those legs touchably soft ;)

  3. Awe!! the simple solution for moiw...being 70 I could care less...
    Yes that is what's okay cuz after so many years of leg and underarm shaving...once a month suits hair there
    is not as prevalent... it prefers to appear on an oldsters chin...
    Thanks ....I needed to get that off my hair shoulders...Just kidding...I thought that was pretty funny tho.... over and read my cute'm not being overly me it's cute..............bye

  4. I found that if I take the razor out of the shower as soon as I get out and shake it off really well and dry it (usually just a quick swipe on a towel) and I put it under the sink or in a cupboard it can last for weeks. I read one time that if leave them in the shower the water corrodes them and makes them dull. Figured it couldn't hurt to test the theory I usually only shave like once a week in winter and it can last for months.

    1. I have tried this for short intervals without noticing much difference - does it matter that the razor is just outside the shower on the sink counter?

  5. I have been putting it on a paper towel on a shelf away from all moisture, after shaving yesterday I noticed that I bang it pretty hard and knock all the moisture off of it before setting it on the shelf. Who knows maybe its just certain brands I have been using the gillette venus and it seems to be going pretty good.

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