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Monday, June 10, 2013

Feeling Rich

I've written before about how being rich is more about your life than your wallet and this post reminded me again this week.  My bank account is tight right now because of extra wedding-related expenses and yet I feel so wealthy.  A list is the only way I have time to get it out:

  1. My firstborn desperately needed a haircut, so we took a dining chair to the backyard.  He had trouble sitting still, but we got it done.  Laughing together and listening to the younger two chase fireflies is a memory I will treasure.
  2. We've taken several trips up to the Smoky Mountains.  Having the richness of nature and a block of unscheduled time is truly priceless.
  3. My babysitter is so helpful.  She shuttles the children, shows up on time, takes them to the pool and makes their summers childlike and carefree.  She's not cheap, but she is so, so valuable!
  4. When I feel overwhelmed with clutter (and the thought of moving again soon), I can always find things to purge and donate.  It makes me feel like a queen to pass along our loved items that remain in great shape. 
  5. Sometimes cooking feels like such a chore, but my children have recently rewarded me with high accolades for simple meals like pork chops and pan seared steak.
Life is good, the future is hopeful and we are so blessed with good health.  Can you make a quick high-five list?  I promise you will feel better remember how rich and full is your life.


  1. Dear Missy....Louisahere visiting....I agree with you...the best things in life are free....I'm 70 and I know this valuable truism...That sunset is more spectacular than looking at Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection....
    I like reading your blog are very eloquent...

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