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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Entering the World of Steps

"I like our new home and it's going good," said my sweet Daughter this week.  She is acknowledging the changes and the sense of home that has developed in the last month or so.  It's very rewarding to see all five of our children relax into a sense of security and normalcy and we get accustomed to our new family life.

Mr. Wonderful is a fabulous Stepdad and he does more than I imagined when looking ahead to being part of his family.  I am so thankful for his partnership in parenting my children.  I anticipated some challenging moments as we merged households and he acclimated to the noisy, rambunctious and repetitive ways of living with little children again.  We've had plenty of moments, to be sure, but Mr. Wonderful has taken it all in stride and stepped up to be involved.  He has gone above and beyond to make sure we are all welcome in our home. 
  • Shared on our first night together that this is their home, they are welcome and wanted here.
  • Joins the routines at bedtime, mealtime and morning.  He is the preferred bedtime story reader and has established little routines of tucking each child in each evening, spending just a few minutes with each praying and comforting them into bed.
  • Welcomes them into our space, including our 'deluxe' master shower, which is a treat to the children.
  • Assists in homework assignments.
  • Encourages me when I become weary in discipline.
  • Offers experienced suggestions and creative ways to establish better behavior.
I haven't asked him to step in, and he often asks if he is overstepping any boundaries.  But I welcome his input and am so grateful for the partnership in parenting.  Even having a sounding board, someone to witness the struggles, to notice the successes is welcome. 

To witness the bond grow between this man I love and the children for whom I am responsible is amazing.  Mr. Wonderful is not forceful, he recognizes that they have a Daddy and doesn't try to fill that role or replace their dad.  But he remains involved, available and consistent.  I know his presence in their lives will be influential and that they will look back on their childhood and be thankful he is part of that memory.  This man and this journey is a growing journey in many ways.  Not everything is easy, yet I have found great treasure after peeling away so many layers of the life I thought I wanted before. 

Have you experienced any unexpected blessings after a season of loss or disappointment?