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Monday, September 23, 2013

Moody Monday - It's Fall

Did you notice that we have officially entered the fall season?  Our weather is cooperating and I navigated the basement jumble to locate a box with sweatshirts for the children.  One of my sweatshirts was spotted on my bonus daughter, and I'm kind of wondering if I'll get it back?  No matter.

We have had adventures.  Mr. Wonderful brought home a box turtle, which he discovered in the road not far from home.  She now has a habitat and enjoys snacking on strawberries, much to the delight of the children.  Did you know Mr. Wonderful is a Scientist?  His degree is in biology and he taught for several years before taking a chemistry job.  As such, he is in charge of all critters.

My older bonus girl is very involved in school choir and takes private voice lessons.  My sweet seven year old called her time at church kids choir her "voice lessons" this weekend.  I thought it was cute how she wanted to emulate her sister.

I thoroughly enjoyed a rainy Saturday until late afternoon until I ventured out to acquire groceries and hunt for an area rug - no luck.  We enjoyed being together as a family and I made entirely too much chili and gumbo!  I brought the leftovers to work for the guys to enjoy. 

Cozy and comfortable was the perfect pace for us this weekend.  How would you describe yours?


  1. I call my Step-son my "Bonus Boy" too! It's so much closer to how I feel about him :) He's lovely.

  2. I love that - it's the best way to describe things, I think!