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Monday, September 16, 2013

Moody Monday!

Another Monday has arrived and I've enjoyed a fabulous weekend.  I recognized that Saturday has become my favorite day of the week, when it used to be Sunday and found that interesting. 

Saturdays are carved out to be with Mr. Wonderful and we enjoy our little routines and rituals. 

This weekend I skipped grocery shopping and will have to play catch up today.

This weekend I had an important conversation with my firstborn.  We are working on some character issues.

We reveled in lower-than-usual temps in the 50's and busted out sweatshirts and jeans.

I realized I must have a box of cool-weather clothing hiding in the basement still...I haven't located it yet.

The state of our basement is downright scary, but full of possibility.

Sundays are challenging with a busy schedule, coming and going between homes, etc.  We are often reminded of our short comings and challenged by our pastor so there is a lot of heart-searching that can get uncomfortable. 

Mr. Wonderful does not travel overnight this week - Yay!

I am unbelievably in love with my own husband and blessed beyond measure at that fact. 

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