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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As For Me & My House

 I make every effort to incorporate spirituality into our conversations, traditions and most of all our daily lives.  I often find inspiration at (in)courage.

It's a role I take very seriously so when I hear statements like the following, I look for ways to combat them:

"I can't ride without training wheels."

"I can't read."

"I can't build the tower."

"I can't make my bed."

"I can't put my head underwater."

Every statement above was said by my sweet firstborn.  Worse, he believed it in his heart

Time after time, I would replace the negative statements by giving him positive thoughts: I can try.  I will learn.  I keep up the effort.  I can.

I'm amazed at how this negative self-talk invades his mind from such a young age.  One of the tools I've used to replace the negative with positive truth is scripture.  The go-to verse for such negativity?  Philippians 4:13

And guess what?  This year we've overcome quite a few of those very negative statements:
  • Face-in-the-water swimming? Check, last summer
  • Reading? Check, above grade level scores
  • Making the bed? Check, a few wrinkles are no problem
  • Riding the bike? Check, just a few weeks ago and now mastering the skill!

When the opportunity came to participate in a review, I was just thrilled to get this plaque for my son on his recent birthday.  He read it eagerly and smiled as we ticked off some of the "I can'ts" that he has overcome.  He showed me where he wanted it and the verse is now proudly mounted in his room.  I do pray it serves as a reminder for all the "I can't" lies that come in the future. 

Oh, and that banged up nose...results of a massive head-over-handlebar bike crash.  The very next day we hopped back on the bike just to prove, "I can!"

Surrounding yourself and your home with encouraging messages helps to replace the lies we so easily believe.  If you're looking for some fantastic ideas, be sure to check out what Dayspring offers.  Follow me and I'll give away a $20 discount code to one of the Far From Flawless Followers - there are lots of great items and you can pick your fave.

Disclaimer: I was given the plaque by Dayspring for review.  The opinions are true and honest, we love it!  I've purchased and gifted from Dayspring Blessings and we have been more than thrilled.  There are more reviews - be sure to check them out! 
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