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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrate You!

 I'm quite "girlie," so it is generally pretty easy to please me.  I really do love fresh flowers, and when flowers are locally in bloom and I can pick them fresh myself.  The peonies have been delightful this week.

What?  You prefer a brighter color?  Absolutely - look around, I bet some are blooming near you right now.  These are from my Mother's garden...perfect reminder of the beauty in motherhood.  

In years past, I went without a gift on Mother's Day.  I tried to be brave and pretend I didn't care, but it really hurt me.  Don't get me wrong, I was always acknowledged, taken to lunch and given cards.  But I went many years desiring but not getting to be a mother, so I wanted a big deal to be made of this day. 

I learned that when something is important, and the need is not met by others, that it is perfectly acceptable to take care of that need myself.  I found this frame necklace at Hallmark shortly before Mother's Day one year.  I purchased it in anticipation of the coming day and wore it proudly - I still do!  I have had more comments about this piece of jewelry than any other piece I've ever worn.  And I do love it!  Sweet baby boy has his photo on the opposite side.  Even the children think it's fun when Mommy wears her photo of them.
Practical but pampering, these items that indulge the body are easily found and offer a pick-me-up night or morning.

Oh, I just wanted to post more flowers - I've really been enjoying them!

The bank may not label me as rich, but I'm very rich in relationships and memories.  There is no time for me to scrapbook consistently but I love the Memory books that I have ordered to commemorate and celebrate special relationships.  This one of my college girlfriends cost under $5 with a coupon code and sale.  I've used Snapfish for more than five years and have enjoyed great service, simple uploads and reasonable prices.

My gift to myself this year was a large, hard-bound photo book celebrating our year together.

I had so much fun putting it together and treasure the times shared within.  I think this is a great way to celebrate yourself and honor your role.

My latest splurge was a simple scented candle, Glade "Spring for Joy."   Little things like this keep me from feeling too deprived and brighten any moment.

Another thing any mother would love and which has been appreciated by me is a gift card.  Grocery store cards allow us to have more margin in the budget or to invite others to share meals more readily.  A good friend recently gifted me a salon gift card!  Ooo-la-la: I felt so pampered and special with a completely new [very short] style.  I had to remind myself not to feel guilty when using it. 

Not far from home is a Massage School that offers an hour massage for the practice of the students with a cost of $25.  They are not allowed to accept tips.  SCORE!  This would be a wonderful way to celebrate the hard work I do and honor this imperfect body which has functioned well for me.

One time my parents gave me a therapy session as a gift - I totally loved it. 

Here are some other ideas that I think would be big hit:
  • A photo session for the children and me.  No professional required, just someone who can get us all in the frame.
  • Garden plants - This is the time of year to set the stage for a beautiful summer show.
  • Childcare - an afternoon or evening alone is greatly appreciated, especially if you bring something fun for my children to do.
  • Jewelry - extra bonus points if it reflects my status as mom.
  • Yard Work/Home Help - an extra set of hands to complete a yard clean up or home project is big.  This stuff often gets put off because it isn't ugent. 
The list could be endless.  These are just some things that mean something to me.  I have had to learn to celebrate  myself and I've also been very blessed by others.  Please share what would mean a lot to you?  What is something that others may not realize you would appreciate?  Remember, this blog is about my life as a single mom, but really more of a woman's journal.  Join the conversation whether you're a mother (or not), single (or not), wealthy, (or not) and by all means be authentic.  No perfect moms, women or people in my room tonight.

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