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Monday, May 30, 2011

Update on the Single Moms Class

Well, I've been going each week to the single mother's class at church.  It still feels weird.  There is little consistency among the participants and one week I was the only one there (besides teacher).  There are three other ladies that seem to be there semi-regularly, and this week I feel I've gotten to know them a bit better.  It still doesn't feel like a place where I'm ready to commit.

I'm beginning to think that this may simply be characteristic of this demographic: Challenging schedules, guarded hearts, unpredictable commitments.  But I don't want these to be characteristic of me.  So I'm questioing whether this is the right place for me.

Then I think of my 'regular' class.  There is a lot of inconsistency there, too, just not quite as noticeable because the class has more participants in general.  Maybe it is just characteristic of church in general - I don't like that.

Anyway, I'm still going to both classes, still not sure where I will eventually land.  But I do know I'm not ready to give up my previous class for the sake of the new one.  So, I'm giving myself time to keep considering.

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  1. I started a single parents group at work, and found that participation was also incredibly inconsistent. We met at lunch time, but even then, people couldn't always make it. Single parents are a hard group to keep together! (Mine eventually folded when my co-leader of the group left the company.)