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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Audience Above

Since it is my nature to please people, I have lived for the validation and approval of others.  I've let the opinion of someone else define me in the past.  Today, I can say that is no longer true.  It has been a great release to know that my goal is to please God alone.  There is great freedom in releasing the outcomes of others' opinions to what He allows through the filter of His care.

Also, it takes all the self-effort and manipulation out of getting my own way.  Truly I can rest knowing that God has it all under His control and will show me the way to go.  Whew - what a load off my shoulders!  Yes, I often take up the load bit by bit and once again need to relinquish it.  I suppose for someone like me it will be a lifelong process of achieving a balance.  But I'm changed.  Really and trully I've let go of the control which I imagined to have in the first place.

It feels very safe to trust God to open and close doors and protect me when I need it.  I have determined not to choose any human opinion over His's a challenge for me indeed, but I'm striving to fulfill that promise to myself and to God.  

I would love to hear how you are letting something go right now?  Is it hard?  Have you reached the place where struggle gives way to release?  Is there anything you're holding tightly still?


  1. Letting go is really hard. Not picking it back up is harder. At least for me it is!! I can say that the Lord is showing me daily about letting go to what is already gone and picking up what He has laid out.

    Praying for you!


  2. "that my goal is to please God alone"....and Missy HE is enough!!!! Praise God!