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Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Matters

My parents are in town visiting and I am so thankful for their ongoing relationship in our lives.  They are my greatest cheerleaders, my most ardent supporters and arrive to make life easier not more stressful.  What a gift that is!
We've got a few more days to enjoy the togetherness.  I'll be soaking up Downton Abbey on Netflix with my mother and enjoying the praise of my Father.  My daughter will churn out more artwork and crafts than usual as Nana feeds the muse within her.  The boys will laugh extra hard with Papa and we'll all have fun in the usual routine tasks made more meaningful because the extra people in our home.

I am so thankful for the family into which I was born.  The constant and consistent love, the generous encouragement and praise, the knowledge that they are always for me are themes which have made my life more abundant - even on the very worst days.   Thank you, Mother & Daddy!