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Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness

For the next two weeks, I will have no parenting breaks, except for the time that I'm at work.  While co-parenting brings lots of challenges, I also grateful for the breaks in time to regroup and reset.  So, I'm anticipating some challenges as I manage our busy lives.  But I've also learned that we do quite well with the consistency of staying in our home, with our schedule and routines.  The children seem to thrive with the 'sameness' and a sense of calm settles. 
More and more, I notice that X and I have the same patterns of repeated conflict.  I feel I can predict when a situation will escalate into conflict and it helps me remain calm and prepared.  There are triggers which almost always elicit a negative response from my former spouse.  I try not to push these buttons, but it can't always be avoided. 
We have a birthday party for baby boy this weekend.  Otherwise I will be found scrubbing and organizing our home from top to bottom.  Too many overscheduled weeks have left us in need of some deep cleaning.  The spring weather has given me the fever and it's time for a good spring cleaning -  I can't wait!

What are your plans - do share!


  1. I can so relate....from the sometimes needed breaks between my turn & his turn with our the conflicts and the Spring fever & cleaning. I love this time of year. What are my plans? Painting! This house needs paint, so when time permits, I hope to get the living room finished and the kids bedrooms.... hopefully will be done soon so more time can be spent outdoors! good luck to you and have fun!

  2. I am rembering all the humourous stories about raising our children but I also remember the struggles. It is worth every sacrifice. All my love and compassion goes out to you-melanie
    The Joy of Mothering