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Monday, April 9, 2012

Moody Monday - Random List

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We had a lovely and relaxing weekend and we made it through Easter without the purchase of even one item of clothing!  I'm so blessed to get great hand-me-down clothing for Faith, Caleb had a darling outfit that Jake wore (in 2007) and Jake had a handsome vest and shirt passed down from my cousins.  I wore a cute maxi dress that I dressed up with a white jacket.  I gave my children their Easter baskets early and the simple flip-flops, sunglasses and candy were a big hit.  We read lots about the Easter story and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with church friends before they went to spend the actual holiday with their Daddy.  I missed them on Easter morning and looked longingly at the families taking pictures all around me.  We'll have to stage some soon.
Here are my other thoughts so far this Monday morning:
  • It sure is challenging to wake up and get the week started after a long weekend.  I'm beginning to look forward to the more relaxed summer schedule just six weeks away!
  • Mr. Wonderful and I have now spent several holidays together: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  He was very thoughtful and kept me happily occupied while the children were with their Daddy this weekend.  When I discovered that I left my phone at his place, he saved the day by driving it over late last night...we live about twenty miles apart, so I appreciated it.
  • It was weird to think of my children making memories with another woman who put together Easter baskets, lunch celebration, etc. 
  • I missed Easter with my parents - this was the first time in many years that we weren't together.  I missed the ham my mother makes!
  • I need new tennis shoes - badly.  After my workout, my feet feel bruised!
  • I'm anxious about childcare for next year and with the new work schedule of the children's father which changes our parenting time. 
  • The weather has been absolutely phenomenal!  I love springtime and hope to plant my flowers next weekend.  It's exciting to see the shoots come up from the plants and harvested from my mother's garden last year.
  • How in the world will I be in all the places I'm supposed to be this week?  I'm going to have to bow out of at least two commitments, and I hate doing that.
What's your week looking like?  Did you have a good weekend?

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  1. My kiddies were with their dad, too. Plus it was their paternal grandfather's birthday Sunday, so that all made sense. I sang with our choir in Church early Sunday morning, and loved the experience. My Mr. Wonderful lives 40 miles away, but he came and joined me in church. My week has been so busy I did not even have time to read your blog until today.