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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten Worst Single Mom Moments

10.  Looking at the mess, knowing I'm the only one who is going to be in charge of putting everything back in place - Ugh!

9. Needing to be in four places at the same time.

8. Witnessing an exciting 'first' and not feeling like anyone else in the world can share that moment.

7. Hearing the pain and being unable to fix it.

6. Forcing myself to hold it together when I really wanted to fall apart.

5. Failing to fix the ice maker for the 4th time - seriously?

4. Passing around a virus every 48 hours ... for  a week!

3. Waving goodbye to my life as they drive away for a week of vacation memories without me.

2. Waking up to a quiet Christmas morning - alone.

1. Driving my child home from a tonsilectomy - he was in pain and vomiting from the anesthesia but while I was driving to the pharmacy to get his prescription filled, my van simply died.  It was just the two of us, both in tears and I didn't know who to call. 

It's not just the 'single' that makes mommy moments tough - please share!


  1. Read this yesterday, but did not have time to comment. As I lay in bed last night, I thought through my long list of worst mommy moments...
    Of course there are all the "when I am a mom, I will never..."
    ...use tv as a baby-sitter
    ...bribe my child with candy
    ...let my 2-year old use a pacy
    ...sleep with my newborn
    Then there was the time I let my 3 week old baby fall off the couch (shhh, her daddy still does not know about that one) (but I also learned she was not as breakable as I thought)

  2. HI..have just read and totally get what you are saying. I am not a single mum but sometimes I may as well be.. We all strive to be the best we can bu there are no instructions only a blind faith that what we are doing is ok. I am new to blogging and your site has really helped me understand and I thankyou for that.. well done and your honesty is appreciated x Cheers Dilly ( A bird with a view )

  3. My little one is only 1 so there are a lot of these worsts that I haven't had the joy of experiencing yet, but sadly there have been a lot of them that I have, plus others. (especially on Steph's list of I will nevers) This may sound a little mean but it is actually a relief to know that it's not just me who struggles with this, and I guess that makes it OK that I have to fight the urge on a daily basis to hate my daughter's father who is currently AWOL from her life, as he will never understand what I go through every single day.

  4. I share your list, but my favourite one is number 8... I feel so sad everytime I need to tell the father of my children any good or bad news regarding the kids and suddenly I remember it won't be possible because we don't have this kind of relation. It's hard to be a single mum, but we're harder! (Sorry for my english, I'm spanish)

  5. Having a sick child is one of the worst feelings in the world. When my daughter is sick, my heart breaks. I think the worst part about it is knowing she's too young to rationalise what's happening to her. She doesn't know what's wrong, and doesn't know that it will go away eventually. She's just feeling terrible, and doesn't know why. :-(