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Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend and A Winner!

FIRST: Steph, you won the Redeemed gift pack! 

My weekend was fun and relaxing and all-too-short, of course.  I hope yours was, too!  I was able to spend time with friends and a group of guys from church came to help me get our dilapidated swingset back into good repair.  It was SO FUN to watch them enjoy it after saying, "Stay off the swing," for all of March and April.

It was the first weekend of our new parenting schedule and I loved my Friday night fun, but really missed our big breakfast Saturday with the children.  I tried to recreate the experience on Sunday morning ... but I burned the scrambled eggs and we there was no time to leisurely get around as we readied for church.  I'm convinced the schedule will work, but change is hard. 

We spent the afternoon with a good friend and her three children.  I got to sit on a swing by the river and there was such a nice breeze that I could close my eyes and almost imagine I was at the beach. 

Have I mentioned that Mr. Wonderful is taking me to the beach for a week this summer? 

At home after the children were in bed last night I watched a movie, enjoyed some quiet time and had just a bit too much time to think about things over which I have no control right now: house for sale, child care decisions, financial shortfalls, etc.  Oh, and I tried that at-home keratin treatment which I think has ruined my hair just when it was getting to shoulder length!  Ugh!

In general, the weekend had some highs and lows, ups and downs and that is pretty much normal, I think.  What about you - what were the peaks and pits of your weekend?  Anything fun happening this week?


  1. YES! We are having a friend of my teenage daughter visit this week - from across the big pond (aka as Europe). So I took the week off and we are doing some traveling and lots of fun touristy kinds of stuff! The weather is beautiful so tomorrow we are off to NYC for a couple days!

    Keep the faith! It will all get easier and it seems you are already in a pretty good place and have love and support from the people around you. Lily

  2. Love your honesty. I was a bit to late on getting in on the Redeemed gift pack...what a great give away!! I hope your week is joyous and happy!