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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You are a Treasure!

Do you feel it?  Redeemed?  Remade?  Transformed?  Treasured?  Many times our head knows this is true, but our hearts may struggle to feel it.  Oftentimes I'm so consumed by the busy-ness of the day that I don't even realize by strength is running dry and my soul depleted.  The only way I am refilled is to take few moments to remember Who is in control and that I can relax, rest in His care. 

Lately, I've been enjoying a few momens of solitude with a cup of coffee or tea.  I love the understated colors, the meaningful words along with the feel and shape of these cups!  I want you to enjoy that, too! 

Redeemed Memofolio

And because every single time I do sit for a few minutes, I begin to think of things to do or that should have already been done, I imagine you might do the same thing.  SO, I want someone to have this fun Memofolio.  It's got darling note pads, post-it sheets and all have encouraging words to inspire a person to accomplish all that needs to be done.

It will all arrive in an adorable gift bag and you get to decide whether to enjoy the gift or pass it along!  I love all of the items in the Redeemed Collection from DaySpring.  
Redeemed - I Am Found - Teacup with Lid

What or Who or When do you feel the most treasured?  Answer in the comments for a chance to win the tea cup, Memofolio and gift bag.  Please enter only once and a winner will be drawn on Friday.  I plan on doing another give-away later this month!
Be sure to check back.
FYI - DaySpring gave me the product for review but all opinions are my own. ☺ Phots Credits are stock images from DaySpring.  Thank you!


  1. I feel the most treasured when I look into the eyes of my wonderful grandchildren, The Lord has blessed me beyond measure. Have a great day, Sherry

  2. My 17 year old daughter shows me how much she loves and values me by wanting to spend time with me. We all know how precious time is to a teenager who have far more important things to do, yet my daughter loves to do things with her mom. This is when I feel most treasured.

    Thanks for your post Missy. I can completely relate!

  3. I feel the most treasured when I am in my home surrounded by my 6 children and husband; listening to their infectious laughs, and taking in all their sweet hugs.

    slavila (at) rochester (dot) rr (dot) com

  4. My daddy still always makes me feel treasured! Of course, he is always thrilled when we visit(it means he gets to see Addie), but he makes sure that gives me the biggest hug! You are never too old to be daddy's girl!

  5. I feel most treasured when I take the time to slow down and spend some quiet time with God. It only takes a few moments to see myself through the eyes of my Father and the love that is evident in His plans for my life overwhelms me. It is incredible to know that we have a God who is actively involved with our lives on a daily basis. Spending time with Him and enjoying his blessings, creation and the people He has placed in my life is when I truly feel treasured.

    I really enjoy reading your posts!

  6. I feel most treasured when my husband and my daughter "love on me" and let me know I'm appreciated.

  7. I feel the most treasured when my kids call me and ask for advice. I love that. We are never too old to need our Mom!!

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  10. I feel the most treasured when my children come in bed in the morning to "get their snuggle on" with mama. :) So blessed!

    1. Sorry about the deleted comments above, my username wasn't showing but I fixed it. ;)

  11. I feel most treasured when praising my God. I know in those moments that He sees everything about me, my sins and the sins done against me, yet He loves me right where I am. In all my confusion and imperfections, I am unconditionally accepted.