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Monday, September 9, 2013

Moody Monday

I'm here and it's hot out.  I'm hoping for cooler "fall" weather soon.  I was hoping to put out some fall decorations this weekend, but it didn't happen.  Soon.  I did get some work done in our "garden."  It's not really a garden at all, but someday it will become one.  I have irises, black-eyed susans, tulips and zinnias that have been moved from our Little House to the rental and now this permanent home.  It sounds good to feel permanent.  I bought a couple of mums for outside and put out a table arrangement.  Fall is my favorite time of year.

Mr. Wonderful was gone last week and I hated being apart.  It didn't feel quite right being home without him since all my history there includes him.  But I suppose it is good to get comfortable in my ownership of this place.  I had a good time with his girls who joined me for dinner before retreating to their rooms for homework and...whatever else teenage girls do.  I'm assured this is quite normal for their age, although sometimes I'm troubled by the isolation. 

While often exhausting, my children are doing well with our recent changes.  They smile and giggle often.  They are spreading out to explore our home and property.  School is going relatively well.  I sense they are gaining some security and relaxing into our new style of family.  They adore Mr. Wonderful.  I'm going to write about that relationship next. 

This week will be busy, as is our normal.  I'm venturing to a new Boy Scout troop and a new dinner menu.  We need to focus on school work and continue nesting.  I'm hoping to begin a new book and be more proactive in time with the Lord. 
Life has a way of pushing that to the back and I always can tell when my center is off mark.

These are just some photos of my children that I took while we were out and about last week.  And one of Mr. Wonderful and his youngest daughter on a quick road trip.  They make me smile.  I like to send quick pictures to my family when we're not together and it's so fun to receive them!  Do you use your phone for photos?

I like to receive a personal image via text more than to see a posting to FB because it feel more intimate.  All of my family of origin live far away and pictures indeed help me stay in touch.  I'm grateful for technology!

Is your week a normal one?  How are you starting out this Monday?


  1. I'm starting this Monday by taking it easy. I'm making chicken in the crock-pot and leisurely folding laundry. Thought I'd check out some blogs before my hour walk. It's time for me this morning. I have three teenagers with outrageously active social lives on weekends, so today I take it easy. Hope you have a great day! If you'd like, come say hi on my page!

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