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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Off They Go

My daughter has this pillow on her bed - she picked it out herself.
Thursday evenings mean that my three little ones head out to spend time with their dad.  We tidy up their spaces and the house feels so much less lively without their activity and noise.  I always feel more alone when they are gone, even with my bonus family closeby.  I'm so thankful they are together.  It is one of my fondest thoughts to know they are experiencing their childhood together.  Whether here or there, they will have each other.

I miss them when they are gone and sometimes I feel guilty for the deep breath and break in responsibility that I get when they go.  I've learned to let go so much more, to trust their little selves to Hands greater than mine.  It hasn't always been easy and still isn't, and I always look forward to their return. 

So tonight I'm catching up on some housework.  I'm spending time with my Honey.  I'm exercising and might even color my hair.  I'm letting them enjoy time away and getting ready for when they arrive back home with all their noise and mess.  It's a crazy life, but it's our life. 

Do you share parenting time with a former spouse?  How do you spend those hours?  What would you do with an evening of no responsibility?

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