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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend Events and Recent Reads

I'm so happy for the weekend with no big plans except relaxing and attempting to carve the seven pumpkins currently by my fireplace.  I'm going to nest a bit at home, eat out with Mr. Wonderful and enjoy church with our people.  Then we'll get ready to start the week all over!

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Here are some other fun things I read this week -

For Hair Fashion and Fun - Kate @ The Small Things is Retiring

The New Message for Moms - so true!  It's what I write about here, too.

Surgeon General Warning for Step Families!

Why Being Married the Second Time is Better

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my "new message for moms" post, Missy! I really appreciate it. And I'm so enjoying following you, especially in light of our kindred messages! Enjoy your weekend; the way you described it sounds pretty darn great.

    1. It was a delightful indeed. I'm glad to pass along any message that reminds us perfect is not the goal...progress and knowing God more is!